1. Contact New Beginning Mortgage Corporation and discuss your needs by applying on-line, or call us at (918) 523-4900

  2. Your New Beginning Mortgage Corporation Loan Professional will contact you within 24 hours or less to ascertain your needs and extend the most appropriate loan for you.

  3. Based upon the information you provide in your application and a careful review of your credit report, your Loan Professional will inform you of your new payment, interest rate, and loan amount.

  4. Your Loan Professional will ask you for certain documentation from you and will also set a time for your property's appraisal.

  5. Upon receipt of your documentation and appraisal, your loan will be processed and underwritten. Upon its completion, we will schedule an appointment so that you can sign your new loan documentation.

  6. Three days after you sign your loan documentation, we'll pay-off your existing loans and other debts of your choice, and you will immediately receive all extra funds.

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